What I Heard Walkthrough

You are a Lady’s maid to Lady Catherine Holloway, the daughter of a wealthy and locally prominent family in the village of Thrumshire.

Lady Elizabeth Holloway, Catherine’s mother, has been taken ill, much to the suspicion of Lady Catherine. You are asked to a private meeting where she tells you of her suspicions, she believes her mother is being poisoned by someone in the house.

You are to interrogate the staff, listen to household conversations and find clues, you have 3 days to find out as much as you can, then you must accuse someone of the crime. 

Day 1

You start out talking to Catherine – She tasks you with finding out if someone in the house is poisoning her mother.

You now have access to the map screen – click button in bottom right
This shows all of the different locations across the manor you can visit to gather information

This is an information gathering game, so you may want to take notes, you can only listen in on conversations once, remember some clues don’t carry to next day but some do, make sure you have everything you need before moving on etc.

First, head over to the sun room and listen to conversation between Grace and Bridget – you’ll recieve a conversation in your inventory regarding having seen someone in the wine cellar.

You will see a message stating “Clue added to inventory”
Push the [I] key to bring up your inventory, you will see there is now some information here.

These are useful to help progress the story, and unlock additional dialogue options
You can press [I] again to close your inventory

Go to the study and listen to an argument between Oliver and Arthur.

Head to the delivery courtyard and talk to Bernard, he will ask you to find Lord Oliver’s pocket watch before he will speak to you.

If you go to the living room and go through each drawer, you should find the item you are looking for (fourth drawer from top for pocket watch, fifth drawer for key – this will come in useful later)

Now head over to garage to find the driver William sitting on some crates and enjoying a book, ask him some questions about who he has been driving and what he has seen to gain some more useful dialogue evidence we will use later – you should come away with 2 dialogue evidence (dialogue options 1, 2, 1 for one clue, options 2, 2 for the other)

Now that you have the pocket watch you can return to courtyard and speak to Bernard for a bit more information – press [I] to bring up inventory, select the pocket watch, then click on Bernard – Bernard is feeling a bit more talkative – as before, make sure to exhaust all dialogue trees before moving on, if you select “nevermind” you may miss out on some potential information

[To make sure you have the correct question or conversation from the inventory, you can right click on items]

Use the information you received from William and ask him if he knows anything about Bernard going to the village, this will give you some dialogue info about Maria going into town. (1, 1)

Head up the stairs to Lady Elizabeth’s bedroom, after a nice chat with her Lady’s Maid Carreen, we find out about a broth that Alice, the cook, makes for Lady Elizabeth.(1 or 2, 2)

Head over to the servants bedroom and have a snoop through the drawers to find a diary (second drawer).

Remember the conversation we had with William about Lady Bridget? Maybe Catherine knows something about this? Head over to the garden and use the information on Catherine – She mentions the name Harry Finch, take note of this name.

In the laundry room we find Maria doing some ironing, chat with her, then use evidence about where she went (1 or 2, 1) make note of Betty Mason

Click on [map] then go to [directory] and select:

⦁ Mason B exhaust dialogue – she talks about Maria’s uncle and mentions the name Sam or David Philips (note this name)
⦁ Finch H – select option 1 or 2 (you’ll gain information but no item from either)

Head to the kitchen and talk to Alice – exhaust dialogue, receive two conversation evidence (2, 1), use the evidence you received from Carreen about Alice making broth – exhaust dialogue (1, 2 or 3, 2) she mentions Arthur coming downstairs into the servants quarters, you gain one conversation evidence (1 or 2, 2).

Head down to the wine cellar and notice a smashed bottle on floor, looks like someone has made a bit of a mess! Click on the bottle to gain a clue.

Head up to the servants dining hall and talk to Sophia, exhaust all dialogue, give her the information you received from the conversation in the sunroom about someone seen in cellar, give her the information from Alice about helping at dinner party, give her the diary you found to discover that it is her diary? Hmm, it seems someone has ripped out some pages? How curious. You can also try giving her the key you found – don’t worry, she won’t take it.

Head over to the butlers office, he won’t speak, give him the broken bottle evidence exhaust dialogue, use the information you received from Alice about Arthur being in the servants hallway (1 or 2, 1) – say Catherine asked you (No evidence items gained)

Head back to laundry and ask Maria about helping at dinner.

Now head to Elizabeth’s bedroom to give Carreen the information from Alice about someone else bringing up broth, she tells you about a nurse that helped with dinner, you’ll get information (question) about a nurse.

(Don’t worry if you are missing some information, you may still be able to piece together what happened)

Go to the [map] and select [next day]

Day 2

You start the day in the servants bedrooms, Sophia is already in the room with you, sitting on the bed, so we might as well talk to her first – exhaust all dialogue and make sure to ask her about the dinner party (you receive conversation about a seating chart)

Head to the living room and listen to the conversation between Arthur and Albert.

Next through to the dining room to listen to Bridget screaming at Maria.

Now to the garden to listen to a hushed conversation between Oliver and Grace.

Head to the sunroom to find a note on the ground by the coffee table (it’s a little difficult to see)

I wonder who dropped it…

Now to the office to meet the doctor, exhaust his dialogue, then ask him about the nurse that briefly worked at the house (the information you received from Carreen in your inventory from day 1) note down the name Jones.

Head back to the [directory] and find the name Jones, there are two Jones, so the nurse has to be one of them. Exhaust her Dialogue, she’ll mention that Grace asked the phone operator to connect her with a George C or K something, you’ll also receive information about an ingredient in your inventory.

Head up to Elizabeth’s bedroom and talk to Catherine, then talk to Carreen, exhaust her dialogue and you’ll receive information about an unpleasant encounter with Maria, and a conversation about the family – immediately ask Carreen about the unpleasant encounter with Maria (from inventory), she wont talk about the family yet, maybe later?

Head over to the butlers office and look in the chest at the back to pick up a letter

Next head to the garage click on car to pick up a glove. Talk to William exhaust his dialogue, He mentions a Dr. Yates, keep note of that name, you’ll also recieve a question about Oliver being generous (inventory) you can ask him about that now.

Now head to the servants dining hall to talk to Bernard sitting at the table, he won’t talk you clean some shoes for him…

Head to laundry and pick up the shoes by the basket, look in drawers and get some shoe polish, there’s also a diary page to pick up lying on the floor under the cabinet, open your inventory and click on polish then the shoes, now that they’re we have some clean shoes we can take them back to Bernard.

After dropping off the shoes to Bernard, head to the kitchen talk to Alice, exhaust her dialogue and ask her about the seating plan (inventory), note the name Dr. Cook, then ask her about the ingredient Sophia asked her to put in her broth (inventory).

Head back to the servants bedroom and give Sophia the diary page, then ask her about the ingredient she wanted to put in Elizabeth’s broth (inventory).

Next go to [map] then click on [glossary] there might be a couple of interesting names to search in the directory here.

Go to [Directory] remember Maria’s uncle- David or Sam Philips, select Philips D. and exhaust his dialogue, next contact Cook G. and ask him questions, and finally contact Yates M.

At the close of day 2, if you have been following along with the walkthrough, your inventory should look like this.

Let’s move on to day 3.

Day 3

It’s the night of the dinner party and you only have tonight to figure it out, no pressure…
Click on box under right bed, unlock it with the key – inside is a photo of a woman and a child, a bottle of poison and letters with the initials BM, hmm…

Head to the study, look at the book on the chair, and pick up a burnt diary page in fire

Next head to the wine cellar and talk to Albert, exhaust his dialogue, then give him the letter from his office.

Head to the servants hall, and find a diary page on the floor to the far left under the drawers

Next head up to Elizabeth’s bedroom to talk to Carreen exhaust her dialogue, then ask her about what she meant yesterday about the family (inventory)

On to the living room to listen to the dinner party, get the glove from the drawers (fourth drawer down) – in your inventory, combine the gloves.

Head out to the delivery courtyard, look by baskets to find a hat and a note behind them, how mysterious…

Head to laundry and search the sink, you’ll find a locket, photo looks familiar maybe we can compare it to another photo…

Head to the kitchen and talk to everyone:

⦁ Bernard won’t talk usless you find some gloves for him, which you have, so give them to him and exhaust his dialogue, you’ll receive information about Carreen complaining about hurting her foot (inventory)

⦁ Sophia will tell you she saw Maria at the graveyard (inventory) and that she saw Bridget get into a car with a man (inventory) give her both of the diary pages

⦁ Ask Maria about the graveyard (inventory), then give her the letter from MS you found on day 2, she mentions the name Sullivan, keep a note of this.

⦁ Show everyone the hat you found in the courtyard – I wonder who that man was looking for

⦁ Show everyone the locket – now we know who owns the locket…

Go to [map] then [directory]you can’t visit the doctor, so you’ll have to call him – look for Peterson S talk about everything, then back to [directory] look for Sullivan M and talk about everything.

Head out to the garage and talk to William, exhaust his dialogue, you’ll gain information about Maria complaining about Bridget (inventory) ask about Bridget getting in a car with unknown man (inventory) give him the hat and note

Head back to the kitchen and ask Maria about her complaining about bridget (inventory)

Head back up to Elizabeth’s bedroom, and ask Carreen about hurting her foot (inventory)

Hopefully you should have enough information to accuse someone of the crime.