I thought I’d post an update about the projects I’m working on, one mostly, but I have some stuff I do on the weekends when I have some spare time.

My main project is a game called The System, it’s a more traditional 90s point and click with a sci-fi setting. It’s a very story driven game, that being centered around murder and a bit of politics, it’s a longer game, so it’s a longer project.

I’m also working on a shorter game about finding the liar in a story, I don’t have much to show yet, I’m only working on it on the weekends here and there, but I think it’ll be out before The System. It’s also going to be a Myst style game, it’s somewhat inspired by the first Myst game, It’s probably going to be a 90s, low quality, pre-rendered, pixelated style again – in a fantasy/medieval setting.

I also have a couple of other projects planned that I’m writing, one of which is a hand drawn game (point and click – I only really make point and click games, as they are my favourite) which is going to be more colourful and a bit more light-hearted. I’m writing something else also, which is honestly a really weird project that I don’t want to say much about, but I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun to make… eventually.

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