Side Project

I’ve been working on a weekend project (mostly just on Sundays), it’s a fantasy themed, very Myst inspired (entering books and whatnot) point and click game, although unlike my main project, it’s a much shorter game; I have a name for it, but I won’t be posting it yet, I may end up changing it, you never know.

So far I love how it’s turning out; Like I said in my previous post, although I’m working much more on The System, I think this game will probably come out first, just because it’s much shorter and the story is much less complex.

It’s essentially about entering four different worlds inside books and finding out about the characters contained in those books.


I thought I’d post an update about the projects I’m working on, one mostly, but I have some stuff I do on the weekends when I have some spare time.

My main project is a game called The System, it’s a more traditional 90s point and click with a sci-fi setting. It’s a very story driven game, that being centered around murder and a bit of politics, it’s a longer game, so it’s a longer project.

I’m also working on a shorter game about finding the liar in a story, I don’t have much to show yet, I’m only working on it on the weekends here and there, but I think it’ll be out before The System. It’s also going to be a Myst style game, it’s somewhat inspired by the first Myst game, It’s probably going to be a 90s, low quality, pre-rendered, pixelated style again – in a fantasy/medieval setting.

I also have a couple of other projects planned that I’m writing, one of which is a hand drawn game (point and click – I only really make point and click games, as they are my favourite) which is going to be more colourful and a bit more light-hearted. I’m writing something else also, which is honestly a really weird project that I don’t want to say much about, but I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun to make… eventually.

Feet In The Snow

I’ve been working on three (technically two, I’ve put one on pause) games, Feet in the Snow is a short two path unusual game, and The System is a longer sci-fi, sort of, continuation of Reprobate. The game on pause is Roumont Wine Club, which is a murder mystery.

I’m mostly writing The System while I work on Feet in the Snow, but now that’s finished I’ll be writing and working on the visuals of The System.

I’m just doing some testing and bug checks for Feet in the Snow, shouldn’t take too long.

What I Heard

You are a Lady’s maid to Lady Catherine Holloway, the daughter of a wealthy and locally prominent family in the village of Thrumshire.

Lady Elizabeth Holloway, Catherine’s mother, has been taken ill, much to the suspicion of Lady Catherine. You are asked to a private meeting where she tells you of her suspicions, she believes her mother is being poisoned by someone in the house.

You are to interrogate the staff, listen to household conversations and find clues, you have 3 days to find out as much as you can, then you must accuse someone of the crime. 

Download at